Can Punching Bags Be Left Outside?

can punching bags be left outside

Punching heavy bags is a good form of exercise. But if you have limited indoor space, can punching bags be left outside? Is it safe to install them outside your house?

Keep reading to know more about it.

Can Punching Bags Be Left Outside?

It depends on the heavy bags you have purchased. You must check the label on the bag to find out if it can be installed outside.

However, most heavy bags are not meant for outside storage though.

If the one you bought doesn’t state it can be safely stored outside, here are some things you can do to ensure that the bag stays longer.

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Hang It for the Time Being 

The best way to make sure that it can last outside is to hang it outside for a certain period. Then, bring it back inside if you no longer use it.

If, however, the bag is fully waterproof, you can leave it outside. Then again, even though the bag is waterproof, it can still soak up water, leading to various problems.

On other hand, if you’re living in an area that doesn’t rain much, then it wouldn’t be a huge factor.

Then again, if the bag soaks up water, molds can start to grow inside the bag. So, as you hit it, the mold will start spreading outside.

And we all know that mold is harmful to your health.

Furthermore, water can make the punching experience quite smelly.

Then, if there’s water inside the bag, it can get heavy and harder to hit. If winter hits, the bag will turn into a brick.

That said, make sure to bring it back inside your house for storage, if you’re not going to use it for days or weeks.

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Cover the Bag 

If there’s not enough space in your house and you simply want to hit the bag outside, then you can just choose to cover it. This is the only practical way to protect the bag from outside elements.

You may use a garbage bag, plastic, or a tarp to cover the heavy bag. The main goal of covering the bag is to minimize the amount of water seeping in. Furthermore, it prevents the bag from damaging the bag further.

Another way to protect the bag is to wrap it with duct tape. It could make the bag more water-resistant. Or you can use a protective spray to add a layer of protection.

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Use Waterproof Heavy Bags 

Since those methods of protecting the heavy bag won’t give you 100% protection, you might want to consider just buying a waterproof heavy bag. It has to specifically state that it can be installed outside the house.

With a waterproof heavy bag, water won’t seep in.

You may also choose to buy a heavy bag that let you fill it with water. It can be safely used outside. You can add anti-freeze to prevent the water from freezing.

What Material to Choose? 

can punching bags be left outside -- leather

Leather is typically the most preferred material for a heavy bag. However, it’s not the best option if you’re planning to install the bag outside your house.

The reason for this is that snow or rain can easily ruin the leather. The best material to be used for a heavy bag designed for outdoor use is a canvas.

Another thing to consider when installing the bag outside is where you’re going to hang it. You can either hang it on a tree or a bar.

Thus, if you’re planning to use the bag outside, you may consider a free-standing punching bag. It is filled with water and sand. When filled, it can weigh up to 300 pounds.

And if you choose a free-standing punching bag, you can move it easily. If you have a garage, you can store it there or somewhere in your house. You can just pull stout when you need to hit it for your workout session.

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Filling the Boxing Bag 

You can have the option to buy a profiled bag. It means that upon receiving the bag, you can quickly set it up out of the box.

However, if you want several options, you can opt for a bag with no filling. But it’s still necessary that you fill the bag correctly. Keep in mind that filling it with the wrong materials can only increase your risk of injury when hitting it.

Thus, it’s ideal that you know how to fill the bag for a consistent feel. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on what filling to use.

If you fill your bag, there are various options available. You may choose to fill it with a mixture of sand, sawdust, and cloth. Fill the bag with a cloth first before filing it closely with sawdust. Then, add the sand last until the spaces left by the sawdust are occupied.

You can also choose to fill it with either cloth, sawdust, or sand. But experts recommend filling it with various options to give you a certain level of consistency.

For instance, if you choose to fill it only with sand, the sand may shift inside the bag. If you wish to go this way, make sure to use sand packs to give you a consistent feel.

However, if you opt for clothes, remember that cloth bags are lighter. Thus, if you’re a heavy hitter, it may not do you justice.

Sawdust, on the other hand, can give you better consistency. But make sure that it is well-packed to lower the risk of movement.

How to Buy a Punching Bag? 

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Can punching bags be left outside? Yes, they can be left outside. However, to ensure that they can last longer, you may wrap them with a tarp, duct tape, or garbage bag. On the other hand, if you buy a waterproof bag, then, yes, it can be safely stored outside without wrapping it first.

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