Magnetic Lashes: How Do They Work?

how magnetic lashes work

Not all people were born to have naturally long lashes. Thankfully, there are many ways to achieve long, voluminous lashes effortlessly. One of them is the use of magnetic lashes. If you’re planning to buy or use them, you might wonder how magnetic lashes work. Do they really work?

Keep reading to know more about them.

How Magnetic Lashes Work?

Magnetic lashes work like the conventional false lashes but without messy glue. Conventional false lashes are difficult to apply. Admit it. They require a lot of effort. Plus, taking them off can be a huge feat.

But not with magnetic lashes. You don’t use lash glue. They just stick to your lashes with magnets. They are just easy to use. It can take two seconds to apply them.

They work by sandwiching natural lashes between two fake lashes through magnetic strips. Instead of the glue, the magnetic strips hold the lashes together.

Because you can wash them and re-wear them several times, you will end up having more bang for your buck.

Do Magnetic Lashes Really Work? 

They do work. But be patient during the first application. It takes a lot of tries before you get used to them.

Even though magnetic lashes work, it’s still ideal that you find the lashes that suit your eyes. And make sure to conduct comparison shopping before you buy one.

Choose lashes that are easy to use and offer an array of style options. Then, make sure that they can last all day long.

Here are the tips on how to apply magnetic lashes.

How Long They Stay On? 

This is one of the many questions of people who wish to use them for the first time. They can stay on as long as you want them to stay in your eyes. The lashes can hold up to 10 hours or an entire day.

However, you need to apply them properly. Otherwise, they will fall off without you noticing it.

The best thing about magnetic lashes is that you can reuse them. How long do they last will depend on various factors, such as the materials used in creating them, the band, and the thickness of the bands. And most of all, the after-care matters a lot.

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If you are using synthetic magnetic lashes, then you can wear them 8 times. However, if you opt for lashes made from animal hair, then expect them to last up to 30 applications.

Then again, it still depends on how assiduous you are after every use. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain them, then they can last for 30 applications or even more.

Can You Reuse Magnetic Lashes? 

how magnetic lashes work -- 30 wears

Magnetic lashes can be durable. But the durability of the lashes will depend on the brand. For instance, if you use these magnetic lashes, they can last more than 30 wears.

When shopping for magnetic lashes, it’s vital that you choose quality over quantity. Make sure that they are using the highest quality magnets. Then, opt for a thin lash band so they are comfortable to wear.

Since there is no glue involved, you can wear them many times. But you need to take care of them.

Do Magnetic Lashes Fall Off? 

If you use low-quality magnetic lashes, then they are prone to falling off. And if you didn’t apply them properly, they will fall off.

It’s vital that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer on how to properly apply them. In that way, they can stay in your eyes for more than 10 hours.

And after wearing them, make sure to properly take care of them before you keep and store them. The steps on how to properly clean them are given by the manufacturer and inserted in the box. Make sure to read the instructions so you don’t have to worry about your lashes falling off, which can be embarrassing.

Can You Sleep with Magnetic Lashes? 

We don’t recommend sleeping with your magnetic lashes on. Before you sleep, make sure to remove them.

Unlike conventional false lashes, there’s no messy glue that you need to take off before you can remove the lashes. Magnetic lashes are easy to remove as it only takes a few seconds to do it.

If you snooze while they are on, you could damage the lashes. They may also irritate your eyes.

Thus, during your nighttime routine, make sure to take off the lashes and put them in their proper container. This will ensure that they stay in one place.

Not sure how to clean the magnetic lashes? Here’s how.

It’s imperative to choose magnetic lashes that come with a case. In that way, it’s easier to store them if you don’t use them. The case will ensure that the lashes won’t get ruined.

Before you do your regular nighttime skincare routine, we suggest removing the magnetic lashes first. Clean makeup residue off the lashes.

You must not wash your face with your magnetic lashes still on. Doing so will only damage the lashes.


That’s it. We have answered the burning question of how magnetic lashes work. If you wish to buy a box of magnetic lashes, please head over to our shop or just click here.

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