How to Avoid Headaches Due to AC?

avoid headaches due to AC

Air conditioning during summer is necessary. But not all people are happy when it is on as it gives them a headache. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid headaches due to AC.

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AC Giving You Headache? How to Avoid Headaches Due to AC? 

Before I’ll tell you the ways to avoid headaches because of AC, you might want to consider this migraine hat.

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Now, let’s talk about the many ways to prevent headaches because of air conditioning.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of the reasons you are getting a headache while the AC is on. The reason for this is that it lowers the room humidity.

Then, it dehydrates your body.

Drinking enough water can help prevent this as it helps keep your body hydrated and functioning properly.

For people who are under chronic stress, staying well-hydrated can make a big difference in how often they experience headaches.

For example, if you find yourself suffering from migraine pain more than usual, try drinking more water before going to bed so that you’re fully awake when you sleep.

Or, drink some water early in the day instead of waiting until later.

Another way to stay hydrated is by having one glass of plain water with half your meal (or bottle) every couple of hours.

This will help reset your blood glucose level which can affect how thirsty you feel.

Clean Your Filters

Your AC needs TLC. By TLC, I mean you have to properly maintain it. Every three months, you have to replace your air filters as they accumulate dust and dirt. But you need to inspect them every month.

If you neglect to clean them, debris, pollutants, and allergens can build up. They could disperse throughout your home.

When these contaminants are circulated, they could cause headaches if you are sensitive to allergens.

Turn Up the Temperature 

AC can contract the blood vessels in your head causing a headache. It causes a decrease in blood flow. It leads to temporary pain and discomfort.

If this is the reason you’re having a headache because of AC, you can just turn up the temperature to relieve your symptoms. You’ll also feel more comfortable.

Get Enough Rest 

get enough sleep to avoid headache

When you don’t get adequate sleep, you can’t function properly. You also get morning headaches. If you have cleaned your filters, turned up the temperature, and stayed hydrated but you’re still experiencing headaches, it can be that you’re not getting enough rest.

If you are experiencing insomnia, you will have to make changes to your lifestyle to help with sleep. You may also use this insomnia hat that can lull you to sleep at night.

You may also have to give up caffeine two hours before bedtime. Then, limit your screen use in the evening. You should also avoid drinking alcohol late in the day.

To further aid you in getting quality sleep, make sure to lower your stress levels by exercising.

You may also talk to your doctor if your medications are keeping you up all night.

Avoid Alcohol 

If you can stop drinking altogether, then that would be better. Drinking alcohol causes dehydration. It dries out your body causing headaches.

Alcohol also affects how well our body responds to pain or stress. Drinking too much alcohol can cause us to lose sleep at night, making it harder to get rest and recovery.

Take Supplements 

In some cases, the root cause isn’t the AC. The air conditioning system is just secondary. The main reason can be the lack of essential nutrients in your body.

Taking supplements may help your migraine or headache.

Magnesium is one of the minerals that you would want to take. It’s found in spinach, nuts, and whole grains. It also helps your muscles and nerves so they work properly.

Riboflavin can also help. If you eat meat, eggs, and nuts regularly, you may not need to take a riboflavin supplement. Supplementing your body with this vitamin may also be the key to your migraine problem.

This body plays a role in your metabolism. It’s a process that lets your body make energy. Some people experience migraine if there’s a glitch in that process causing headaches.

Take 400 mg of this vitamin a day. But don’t take more than that. It can cause a problem if you take too much.

Another supplement you would want to take is feverfew. It’s also known to treat and prevent migraines. The best thing about it is that there are no known side effects of taking this supplement.

You should also try coenzyme Q10. Some studies also show that it can help prevent migraines. There are no major side effects of taking this supplement. However, may you may get an upset stomach or nausea.

On the other hand, if your headaches are caused by the lack of sleep. You may take melatonin. It’s a natural hormone that can put you to sleep.

It can also prevent migraines. However, don’t take too much of it as it can cause daytime sleepiness.

Headache Prevention

You can avoid headache due to AC by following those tips mentioned above. If you’re having headaches reguarly, it might be time to visit your doctor or just order this migraine hat.

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