Epilator vs Shaving: Which is Better?

is using an epilator better than shaving

When did women start to remove their unwanted hair from their armpits and legs? There’s no exact timeline though. But one thing is clear, unwanted hair is, well, so unwanted that it has to be eliminated ASAP. What method to use though? Should you shave or epilate? Is using an epilator better than shaving?

Let’s find out here.

Is Using an Epilator Better Than Shaving?

It depends on your preference. To find the right method, you need to experiment a bit.

Some women prefer epilating while others choose to shave.

To help you choose the right option, it’s important to understand these two methods of removing unwanted hair.

Is It Okay to Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Let’s start with Epilator.


This is a tool that plucks your hair in the direction of hair growth. The electric current zaps the hair to remove it.

Unlike waxing, epilation is ideal for large areas, like your arms and legs.

Epilation can be painless to some. Others however may feel moderate to intense pain. The great thing about it is that the results can last up to 4 weeks.

Compared to waxing, epilation can remove shorter hairs that waxing can’t reach. It means that you get smoother skin after epilation than when you do waxing.

However, one of the reasons most women prefer waxing is that epilation can be costly.

An epilator can go anywhere from $20 to $100. It depends on the quality of the machine.

Unlike shaving, epilators can be used time after time. But you need to clean and store it properly to ensure that it will last for a long time.

When to Use an Electric Shaver?


The cost can be cheaper than an epilator. However, it can get expensive over time because you dispose of it after every use.

It can be painless. If you’re not careful, though, you can tear your skin.

Unlike epilation, the results of shaving can last up to 3 days before you need to shave again.

Hence, if you want long-lasting results, epilation is more ideal.

So, is an epilator better than shaving?

It still depends on the results you want. Some women prefer epilating because it combines the benefits of a razor and waxing.

Does Electric Shaver Darken Skin?

Removes from the Roots

Shaving only cuts the hair at the surface. That’s why you don’t get smoother skin after shaving.

If you want smoother skin after removing unwanted hair, then opt for epilation. An epilator can remove the hair from the roots.

It works like waxing. But unlike waxing, the result can be long-lasting.

Furthermore, the hair that grows back tends to be thinner.

Grows Back Slower 

is using an epilator better than shaving -- epilators can remove hair from the roots

No woman wants to shave every three days. Epilators remove the hair from the roots.

Thus, the hair grows back slower.

It means that you only need to epilate after four weeks. And, as mentioned earlier, the new hair is quite thinner.

Invests One-Time 

As mentioned, you can re-use this tool, unlike shaving or waxing.

A high-quality epilator can last for years without additional costs. But you may need to replace its battery when it runs out.

And the battery is inexpensive. Some epilators even come with a rechargeable battery.

Shaving, on the other hand, has recurring costs. You need to replace the razor every few months.

The winner?

Epilator. So, yes.

Using an epilator is better than shaving. However, it still depends on your hair growth.

Keep in mind that when you use an epilator, the hair must be of a certain length before you can successfully remove it with an epilator.

But there’s nothing wrong with shaving if that’s what you want. It’s cheaper than an epilator and you can easily carry a shaver in your bag when you travel.

However, epilation isn’t ideal if you have too sensitive skin.

Shaving might be the better option for you.

What to Do Before You Epilate or Shave? 

When you epilate, you need to grow your hair to 1/8 inch long. There’s no need to grow out your hair for a certain length before you can shave.

In fact, if you see hair growing, you can immediately shave it.

Furthermore, you must not exfoliate or go swimming before the epilation procedure. The reason for this is that exfoliation and swimming could dry out your skin.

After epilation, you should not expose yourself to the sun as it may cause your skin to be red.

With shaving, you can go out in the sun after the procedure.

And if you’re epilating your armpit hair, make sure not to apply deodorant hours before and after the procedure. You should also not wet the area for 8 hours after epilation.


Is using an epilator better than shaving? Both methods can produce similar results. However, epilation is more expensive upfront. But new hair growth is finer and smaller than shaving. Plus, epilation’s results can last for 4 weeks while shaving will only last 4 days.

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