When to Use an Electric Shaver?

Shaving is a vital part of a man’s hygiene. Unfortunately, it’s something that many men loathe. However, if you just use the right equipment and know when to use an electric shaver, you can transform your shaving experience significantly.

when to use an electric shaver

So, should you shave before or after showering?

When to Use an Electric Shaver?

You can use an electric shaver before showering. However, there are a few caveats you need to know.

Before you shower, though, you need to moisten your beard first. Use a hot towel to do it or you can splash your face with warm water.

The moisture can open pores while it softens tough facial hair. In other words, the heat makes it easier for you to shave without irritating your skin.

When you shave using an electric shaver, make sure that you apply high-quality shaving oil first. This forms a protective barrier, thereby, prevent nicks, irritation, and redness.

If you decide to use an electric shaver before a shower, you may have to carry out a lot of preparation.

However, you should know first if the electric shaver is designed for wet or dry operation. If it’s for dry operation, you can use it before the shower.

Is It Okay to Shave During Shower? 

when to use an electric shaver - steam in the shower

Some men do shave while they are showering. It saves time while it doesn’t create a lot of mess. You don’t need to splash your face with warm water because the steam in the shower can already soften your skin. It allows for a close shave.

However, if you want to shave during a shower, you need to purchase a waterproof electric shaver. This type of shaving equipment will ensure that you won’t get electrocuted while using it.

If you choose an electric shaver from a reputable manufacturer, you can be sure that the shaver uses water sealing technology to perfectly protect the shaver. In that case, it is safe to be used either wetter dry.

But if you decide to shave during a shower, you should not shave right after stepping into the shower. Instead, you need to allow the steam to soften your hair. Thus, you can shave towards the end.

Start shaving after you have washed your hair, body and brushed your teeth.

Then, make sure to add shaving gel before you start shaving. The cut hair is washed down the drain while you can wash the shaving lather off your face. The steam and water get into the pores, thereby, leaving your face clean.

What If You Like Shaving After Shower? 

This is also doable. If shaving during a shower isn’t ideal for you, you can try shaving afterward.

That is, after stepping out of the shower, your face is still moist and clean. The hair follicles have already absorbed the water that can soften your skin well. As a result, it makes it easier to cut the hair.

Be Ready Before You Shave 

If you use a new breed of electric shaver, then there’s no need to wet your face first before shaving. However, if you don’t use such a shaver, you need to ensure that the stubble is stiff and dry. And you have to remove dirt and sebum by using an alcohol-based electric shave product.

Hold the Shaver at Right Angles 

Always hold the electric shaver at right angles to your face. Your free hand must pull the skin as you shave to ensure that the hair stands upright.

Tackle the Sensitive Areas First 

Electric shavers can generate operational heat. But the heat is bad news for those with sensitive skin. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use an electric shaver anymore. You just need to shave the sensitive areas first while the shaver is still cool.

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Take Care of the Shaver 

A shaver can perform better if it is properly maintained. If there are worn-out parts, they must be replaced. Thankfully, most electric shavers have their own cleaning systems.

Always clean the shaver after use to ensure it delivers a better shave every time. It also prolongs its life. You should also use a brush to remove any dust from the foil and cutters after each shave.

How to Shop for the Best Electric Shaver? 

when to use an electric shaver - steam in the shower

Comfortable and Gentle to the Skin 

If you need to shave daily, you should consider getting an electric shaver that’s comfortable to use and gentle to the skin.

Easy to Clean 

Shaving involves a lot of cleaning. That’s why it’s essential that you choose an electric shaver with an automatic cleaning station. Although it’s more expensive, the cost is worth it.

However, if you can’t afford an electric shaver with an automatic cleaning station, then you need to choose a shaver that’s easy to clean manually.

Decent Power

Make sure to opt for a shaver with a more powerful motor. A powerful razor will make shaving faster and easier.


When to use an electric shaver? You can use it before, after, or during a shower. It depends on your preference. But make sure that you choose a shaver that can be used in dry or wet operations. To shop for a perfect electric shaver, visit here.

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