Why is Bad Posture Comfortable?

why is bad posture comfortable 

Slouching for too long can cause back or neck pain. But why do we always like to slouch? One reason is that it’s comfortable. Why is bad posture comfortable?

Let’s find out here.

Why is Bad Posture Comfortable? 

Admit it. While you’re reading this post, you’re probably slouching over your computer screen.

Am I right?

But why is it so comfortable to slouch or slump even though we know that this posture is bad for our back and neck?

So, why is it so comfortable?

That’s because your body is used to that posture. Your posture now is a reflection of how you’re using your body every day.

Thus, if you have a desk job, you might be sitting all day leaning forward on your desk. You’re probably not aware of it. But your body does.

And it starts to adapt to it. The muscles stretch to help you sit in that position.

Unfortunately, even though it’s comfortable to sit that way, it’s not good for your body or spine. It puts more strain on your neck.

As a result, it can start to compress against the discs. This can lead to degeneration.

It can be the reason you’re having upper back and neck pain after a day of sitting in front of your computer.

What is Good Posture? 

Is there such a thing as good posture though? Before answering it, let’s first know what posture is.

Posture is how you hold your body upright against gravity while you’re standing still or lying down. It originates from the Latin word ponere. It means to put or place.

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Romans value posture. But when Tiberius reigned, women were allowed to recline while eating and abandon their good, upright posture.

So, going back to the question, the general public thinks that good posture is about sitting up straight or standing up tall.

However, there’s no gold standard for it.

Physiotherapists have different definitions of what good posture is. Ballet teachers, on the other hand, are more consistent about their definition. For them, good posture is alignment. It’s a vital principle in ballet dancing.

In ballet, most dance moves rely on posture. Dancers can’t hang their shoulders or pelvis swinging back. The reason for this is that these positions don’t use abdominal muscles.

Thus, for ballet dancers, a good posture is defined as shoulders aligning on the top of the pelvis. Then, the pelvis must be aligned to the knees while the knees are aligned to the ankles. Doing so will ensure that everything is in a straight line.

However, experts recommend not focusing on the right posture. Instead, people should vary their posture and shift it whenever necessary.

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Making Good Posture Comfortable 

why is bad posture comfortable  -- change your posture now

You can change your posture now and be comfortable with it. However, starting to correct your posture will mean checking it daily to ensure that you’re maintaining a proper, comfortable posture.

When you’re sitting down, your feet must be placed squarely on the floor. Your head is square to your shoulders. They should not look up or down at your computer screen. Rather, they must be in a neutral position.

While you’re on a bus, try not to stare down at your phone during the commute. If you can’t avoid not pulling out your phone, you may purchase a phone case that lets you hold it directly in front of you.

As soon as you’re aware of your posture, your muscles will start to engage and get your spine to work differently.

It can take trial and error at first. Keep in mind that your muscles are still adapting to the proper posture.

While you’re still in the process of correcting your bad posture, you might feel uncomfortable. But once your body has adjusted to it, it will soon be comfortable to stand up tall and sit up straight.

Having a good posture is more comfortable than a bad posture. But it takes a bit of practice to get to that part.

Ways to Have a Better Posture 

When thinking about correcting your bad posture, it’s vital to know where improvement is required. For instance, if you have a bad posture while sitting in an office, you need to focus on it.

You should work on changing your habits. For instance, if you’re sitting, make sure that your back is aligned against the back of the chair. Don’t lean forward.

It can be difficult for you to stay in this position for long periods. It’s especially true if your chair isn’t ergonomically designed to support the back. Hence, you must invest in an ergonomic chair to help in maintaining a good, comfortable posture.

You may also use a foam roller. It can loosen the tissue in your shellers and neck. However, when you start to loosen the tissues, you may feel uncomfortable. But don’t be alarmed.

On the other hand, if you feel more pain after loosening the tissue, it’s ideal to contact your doctor or see a chiropractor.

Correcting Posture with Posture Corrector 

The idea of wearing a posture corrector is to get you into proper posture instantly. While wearing it, you’ll be sitting up straighter or standing up taller. It keeps you from ruining your posture.

With a posture corrector, you can avoid slouching. Through this corrector, you’ll remember to sit or stand upright more.

For instance, a brace posture corrector can keep your shoulders back and shoulders more together.

The brace corrector can remind you to sit upright when you wish to slouch forward. Or you may use a smart posture corrector.

It’s not the same as a brace posture corrector. A smart posture corrector buzzes to remind you that you’re slumping or rounding your spine. In that case, it’s more like a helpful reminder to train to sit straight and don’t hunch throughout the day.

Although posture correctors are beneficial for your back, you also need to strengthen your core. Doing so will make it easier for you to stay in a good, comfortable posture.


Why is bad posture comfortable? The reason for this is that your body has adapted to it. However, when you change your posture to a good alignment and your body got used to it, you’ll feel comfortable with it too. But it takes a while to achieve such proper alignment.

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