9 Tips for Good Posture

tips for good posture

Good posture is vital to your health. With better posture, you can alleviate back pain while boosting your energy. It can also boost confidence. Furthermore, it avoids muscle tension, fatigue, and other ailments. Read on to learn more about the tips for good posture.

Tips for Good Posture

1. Practice Not to Slouch 

Slouching is bad for your spine as it adds stress to it. It puts strain on the muscles, joints, and bones to hold your back. When you slump, it smashes your lungs and intestines.

If you’re always slumping it will be harder for your stomach to digest food or get enough air. That’s why you may have difficulty breathing.

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2. Straighten Up 

To prevent yourself from having posture problems, you should always straighten up. For instance, when standing, you must stand up tall.

If you do so, you’ll feel a lot better. You’ll look better and slimmer, too.

When you’re standing, pretend that you’re standing against a wall.

  • That is, you should hold your head straight.
  • And don’t forget to tuck in your chin.
  • Your ears must be over the middle of your shoulders.

When you straighten up, you feel like your head is stretching to the sky.

3. Avoid Slumping 

You may feel comfortable slouching. But it’s not good for your back. Slumping is a no-no when it comes to your posture.

Instead, make sure to sit back in your chair. Put a rolled-up towel behind your mid-back. This will support the natural curve of your spine.

Make sure to bend your knees at the right angle. Your knees must also be the same height or higher than your hips.

Your feet must lay flat on the floor.

4. Prevent Reclining During a Long Drive

Although it’s cool and comfortable, reclining while driving can be bad for your posture. Instead, you must pull your seat closer to the steering wheel.

Don’t lock your legs. Rather, bend your knees slightly to ensure that they are at hip level.

You may put a rolled-up towel behind your back for support.

5. Don’t Wear Heels

Yes, the stiletto is fashionable but it’s not good for your posture. Pumps, too, are not advisable if you wish to improve your posture.

The reason for this is that heels trust your spine’s base forward. As a result, your overarching your back.

When your back is overarching, it changes how your backbone lines up. It also puts pressure on your nerves, causing too much pain.

Heels also put more weight on your knees.

But you can still wear them for a night out. For your daily wear, opt for a lower, chunky heel.

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6. Sleep the Right Way

tips for good posture -- saggy mattress

Yes, even if you’re sleeping, you need to avoid slacking. You should skip the saggy mattress to prevent you from slacking while sleeping.

Instead, opt for a firmer mattress. It can hold your spine’s natural shape.

If you’re a side sleeper, make sure to bend your knees slightly. Never hug them though.

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7. Lose Weight

If you’re overweight, you might have too many pounds around your midsection. It can add stress to your back.

To support your spine and have a good posture, you need to strengthen your muscles in that area.

Various workouts can tone your abs and strengthen the midsection. With a well-designed workout plan, your body and spine will be in tip-top shape. And this is vital for your overall health.

There are various exercises you can try for your posture, though.

One of them is yoga. There are therapeutic yoga exercises that can improve your posture and back health.

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When you do yoga every day, you’ll feel better. People with good posture are happier and more confident. They also have more energy. Furthermore, they are less prone to depression and anxiety.

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Yoga also prevents chronic pain. It keeps your back flexible so it can correct any posture imbalance.

You may also try tai chi. It’s a non-impact exercise that can also improve your posture.

8. Identify the Reason You Can’t Keep a Good Posture

There are several reasons you can’t keep your back straight while sitting down. It can be that you’re not using an ergonomic chair.

Poor ergonomics can be bad for your back. It can cause a lot of pain.

9. Wear a Posture Corrector 

It’s not a magic solution, though. However, if you wear it every day for at least 25 minutes, it can help fix your bad posture.

Some people aren’t sold. That’s because everyone has his/her own preferences.

But you can try wearing this corrector and see if it can help your condition.


Good posture is imperative for your overall health. The tips for good posture mentioned above can significantly help you improve your overall posture. If you wish to buy a posture corrector, please shop here.

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