How to Work from Home More Effectively without Hurting Your Back and Posture?

People are now going back to the office. But some still want to work from home. If you belong to a sector that allows you to work from home either once a week or every day, then you are fortunate.

work from home more effectively

Working from your own couch in your own pad or house is surely comforting.

However, if you are one of those people who can’t work effectively at home, the tips below can help you make the most of this setup.

1) Maintain a Clear, Regular Schedule When You Work from Home 

Tips to Work from Home More Effectively - set a schedule

You may think that you’re conscientious. But without your boss supervising or overseeing your work, you can still slack off.

But you can prevent that by setting a work schedule to give your day some structure. Plus, having a schedule lets you stay motivated.

Even if you work from home, you should start your date the same way you would if you are working in an office.

It means that you need to get up early, exercise or meditate, eat a proper breakfast, get dressed and start working.

Yes, you still need to get dressed because what you wear at home can change your attitude as you work from home.

It can help you become more productive.

It signals you that you’re in a work mode.

Of course, to boost your productivity, you need to wear your posture corrector.

Keep in mind that slouching can affect your productivityBack pain is one of the most common complaints of those who are working from home.

Slouching is one issue when you sit down for hours in your chair. It leaves you more room for irritation and back pain.

When your muscles at the back get weak, your body compensates for it by carrying your weight in a way that will irritate and cause swelling.

Thus, it’s no wonder that you experience back pain after working for many hours, staring at your computer.

But by wearing a posture corrector, your body holds your torso in place to increase your range of motion. It also takes the burden off your lower back.

Furthermore, your brain works better with great posture. You will be more productive in what you do.

However, you need to pair a posture corrector with an ergonomic office chair to ensure that you stay in the game throughout the day.

2) Have Clear Boundaries 

work from home more effectively - clear boundaries

Some of your household members think that they can disturb your work at any time. After all, you are only at home.

That’s why you must set a working place in your home. It means that you must have separate space in your house for you to work.

Don’t choose your bedroom, though.

Furthermore, you should tell your family and friends that you are working from home. In that way, they won’t disturb you during business hours.

In other words, if the doorbell rings, don’t answer it unless you are expecting something.

Doing so will help you stay focused. It also helps you stay in your momentum until the end of the day.

3) Maintain a Proper Posture 

When you work at the office, you have a dedicated work area to fit your style and body.

However, if you don’t have a monitor at home and you are forced to work with your laptop, make sure that the screen is elevated to your eye level.

This will prevent you from stressing your neck. Looking at your laptop improperly will force your neck to bend downward or crane upward.

To help you create a perfect height working station, you may use some magazines to you maintain eye level.

You just need to be creative. You may also consider using an external keyboard to ensure that you won’t suffer from hand injury from typing all day at the wrong angle.

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4) Take Regular Breaks 

work from home more effectively - take breaks

You might want to prove to your boss that you can be productive at home. As a result, you will try to work flat out.

But that will hurt your productivity. You’ll suffer from burnout.

Hence, you must take regular breaks. You can work for 52 minutes straight and take a 17-minute break to rest your brain.

But by taking breaks, it doesn’t mean that you watch Netflix.

A restorative break can be as simple as reading one chapter of your favorite book or simply rest your eyes by staring out the window.

Keep in mind that your brain is like your other muscles. That is, it requires rest.

You can go for a walk or just stretch. Get a 17-minute exercise before you get back to work.

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5) Communicate with Your Team to Prevent Losing Your Motivation 

Tips to Work from Home More Effectively - communicate

Prolonged isolation can take a toll on your mental health. It also weakens your productivity and motivation.

And you don’t want your productivity to get affected when you choose to work from home. Thus, experts recommend staying connected with your colleagues.

It means that you can schedule a regular coffee meeting with your colleagues. Or go out and meet your clients. Find time to bond with your work peers.

You should also get involved with organizations that can help your career. Make sure that you use online networking sites to maintain your connections with real people.

These are all vital for your psychological well-being.


Working from home has its own ups and downs. But no matter what kind of work you are doing at home, you must ensure that you stay organized.

Make daily schedules and prioritize each task.

Or course, things can easily come up while you work from home. You can revise your schedule. This is one of the benefits of WFM.

Your schedule is flexible.

Set a timer to know when you need to take a break. As mentioned, you need to have at least 17 minutes of break before you get back to work.

And to combat your loneliness, you must schedule your time with your friends for face time. Find a thriving network of WFM people in different online discussion groups.


Work from home isn’t a new concept. But it only became popular when the pandemic started.

To ensure that you stay productive while you work from home, you need to set a regular schedule, have clear boundaries, take regular breaks and communicate regularly with your colleagues. Most of all, maintain proper posture while you work.

If it’s difficult for you to stay in an upright position while you work from home, then these posture correctors might help.

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