Can Good Posture Help Scoliosis?

can good posture help scoliosis

Scoliosis affects a great number of individuals. However, its effects are not the same. Some will suffer from a curve to the left others will have a curve to the right. Scoliosis can be severe or mild. Can good posture help scoliosis?

Let’s find out here.

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Can Good Posture Help Scoliosis?

Yes, but it’s quite complicated. Because of how your spine is aligned, you will suffer from back pain. It’s a common symptom of having scoliosis. For severe cases, though, it has to be treated with surgery.

However, if it’s just mild, it can be mitigated with bracing or massage. Physical therapy may also relieve pain.

A huge part of your treatment requires day-to-day management.

Maintaining a good posture plays a huge role in scoliosis management. Good posture has the potential to alleviate back problems associated with poor posture.

To maintain proper posture when you have scoliosis, you need to distribute your weight evenly. This will assist your joints to bear an equal amount of pressure.

Unfortunately, many people with this condition forget about how important it is to maintain proper posture while sitting and sleeping.

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Does Posture Affect Scoliosis? 

The cause of scoliosis is not fully understood. That’s why it’s called idiopathic because there’s no single cause. you can be born with it or it can be because of your bad posture.

Unfortunately, the majority of scoliosis cases are considered idiopathic. The rest of the cases can be neuromuscular, degenerative, traumatic, or congenital.

It’s important to know the cause of scoliosis because the underlying cause can help your doctor in designing an effective treatment.

Treatment is necessary when it comes to scoliosis because if not treated, it can progress. It can get worse over time.

The method of treatment needs to be proactive to stop the curvature from increasing in size. If that happens, it will be way more difficult to treat it.

Neuromuscular scoliosis is difficult to treat. This type of scoliosis develops as a complication of a neurological condition, like muscular dystrophy, myelodysplasia, and many more.

If your scoliosis is congenital, it can be caused by an injury or spinal trauma.

To know the cause of your scoliosis, your doctor will need your medical history and you have to undergo certain procedures.

Can People with Scoliosis Have Good Posture? 

Good posture is vital because you’re using less energy than when you have poor posture. If you have scoliosis, it may be difficult for you to maintain good posture.

You may be leaning forward or to the side. You may avoid but doing so will lead to your knees bending while your pelvis tilts backward.

Generally, it’s difficult to be in the most ideal posture if you have scoliosis. But you need to get as close to the ideal posture as possible.

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Does Bad Posture Worsen Scoliosis? 

can good posture help scoliosis -- bad posture

As mentioned, scoliosis can be caused by various factors. If your muscles are weak because of cerebral palsy, it can lead to this condition. But bad posture doesn’t lead to scoliosis. It can, however, worsen your condition.

Bad posture is bad because it affects your overall health. It can cause severe back pain, neck pain shoulder pain, and arm pain.

Thus, it’s important to maintain good posture at all times. Your doctor may recommend a posture brace. But it’s not the posture brace that you can find anywhere. Instead, it is tailored to your condition.

Is It Possible to Straighten Your Scoliosis? 

There are many ways to straighten your scoliosis. The method of straightening it will depend on various factors.

When it comes to scoliosis treatment, you should not wait until your condition gets worse. Waiting is already a lost opportunity. You can benefit from early intervention. It can reduce the spinal curve and stop the condition from progressing.

If your doctor has diagnosed you to have this condition, you must avoid texting frequently. The reason for this is that when you text, your head is bent, which is not good for your condition. It puts pressure on your spine while it compresses the blood vessels.

Swimming is good but not for hours. The reason for this is that this exercise or sport can cause your spine to flatten.

Football is also not allowed when you have this condition. The reason for this is that it’s a contact sport and it may result in traumatic body and spine injuries. It can put stress on your spine.

But it’s important to note that football won’t cause scoliosis. However, if you have scoliosis, football can aggravate your condition.

Then, if you have metal rods on your back from surgery, playing this game can be extremely dangerous.

It’s also vital that you use a quality mattress. There’s no such thing as a mattress for scoliosis. But there’s a mattress for this condition that makes it comfortable to sleep on.

Here’s a mattress for good posture.

For this condition, you may shop for a firm or medium-firm mattress.

Make sure that the bed fits your body well. Don’t use a cushiony mattress pad. And avoid using extra pillows, even though it’s comfortable.

Exercises are vital for your scoliosis. Even though there are workouts that are bad for your condition, there are exercises that can be ideal for your situation. Talk to your doctor about the exercise that is ideal for your condition.

Make sure that you improve your core strength. Keep in mind that core muscles support your spine. You can do upright rows and the superman exercise.

But your doctor can create a personalized exercise program to strengthen your body.

Can You Wear Posture Corrector to Treat Scoliosis? 

A posture corrector is typically advised. However, it is a posture corrector customized for you and not the corrector that you find in various shops.

When treating your scoliosis, you need your doctor’s guidance to treat it properly. As mentioned, the treatment must be proactive so that it won’t progress to something else.


Can good posture help scoliosis? Yes, it can. Your doctor may recommend a posture corrector but it is customized for your needs.

If you don’t have scoliosis but you simply wish to correct your posture, make sure to visit our posture corrector page here.

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